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Why Choose Robinson Granatt LLP

Robinson Granatt LLP is dedicated to the timely delivery of exceptional results for its clients. Sabrina K. Robinson established the firm in 2013 with Richard Granatt joining in 2015. 

Both partners are experts in the field of forensic accounting and have achieved a long and distinguished track record of financial success for their clients. They have extensive experience auditing all the major studios and the vast majority of the independent film studios.

Robinson Granatt LLP originated a focused audit approach that is tailored for each


engagement, focusing only on areas of specific risk and value for their clients. This allows the Firm to complete engagements within a rapid time frame and yet capturing unparalleled financial results for their clients. All work is performed by either a CPA or Chartered Accountant. 

Whether you need assistance with assessment of a proposed deal, the determination of whether to audit, executing an audit, or litigation support and expert witness testimony, Robinson Granatt LLP has the depth of expertise necessary to defend your participation deals and optimize return.

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